Hey Wednesday! We just Awesomed all over the place. Anybody got a mop?


A bright and sunny Wednesday morning. Wednesday comes from the Germanic god Wodin, to the north is known as Odin. (Not this north, the other north.) Here in Maple-Leaf-Land, we call it Hump Day! Yay for apathy… I mean Go Team!


Eager to get going: Daxx is hurrying to work.


Gotta stay focussed: Oh hey! A penny!

photo 4

Strategic Planning: Dreaming of a Friday, when it’s only a Wednesday.

photo Bruce-01

We lost Bruce: No… wait! We found him.

photo 2

 Reaching new heights: Or, just above their heads.


Editing changes to a document: Chrysstena looks lovely in blue.

Oh look! Future PWI members!

photo 4

Resting after a big lunch: Any office will do.

photo 3[2].edit-01

Late for a meeting: We found Bruce!

How to Grow Huge carrots


And so ends three days of fun, folic and craziness. The fort never burned down, everyone is still happy, and we never blew anything up. Life is grand as a PWI member.


This is four Work Bunnies signing off.
Thank you and have a great day.


Tuesday is just Monday’s ugly sister

A day away from Monday is just not far enough. It’s like radiation. Hang out with Monday and expect a rash. But on the positive side… Okay don’t rush me. I’m still thinking!

photo 2

Meeting with Partner Groups: Compassion for a lack of photosynthesis. Chrysstena shows her heart.

photo 2

And speaking of Nature: Real sunlight is perplexingly bright. You can get vitamin D from fluorescent light, right??

photo 4

Lunch Time: Bruce and Chrysstena thought lunch meant Eat The World.
Not the box guys! Jeez! It’s recycling day!


Another strategic meeting with the gang: Ann can become quite passionate don’t you think? Daxx is keeping things light.

photo 1

Caught in red tape: Oh wait… that’s not red tape. Those are ice cream tickets! No wonder they ran out Saskatchewan Mudpies!


Meetings with Clients: Daxx is wearing his bright and summery favourite shirt. Notice how the client is laughing, quite disarmed by Daxx’s charm. Are those new shoes Daxx?

Dear Monday, I want to break up. I’m seeing Tuesday and dreaming about Friday, sincerely. It’s not me, it’s you.


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God it’s Monday! The start of the week. Hump Day is a millions days away. Well I suppose we really should get back to work after all the partying and excitement of two whole days. I mean really, work is just a rest from all that, right?


What to wear: Your shoes are lovely, but your goat could use a trim.

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 8.16.05 AM

When someone is late for a meeting, they’re usually right in front of you.

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 8.20.33 AM

Monday is Carmen Miranda Day: Carmen Miranda hats are a team effort. There’s no “i” in Miranda… oh wait… nervermind.

photo 4

Meetings are Hard: ‘Nuff said.

photo 2

Well, it’s gonna be that kinda day! 

Heads Up!


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So since three of us are absent (doing god know’s what!), the four of us that are left minding the fort, thought we would share the goings on in our beyond-description busy lives. Think of this as your very own personal magnifying glass into our productive little worlds, like the one you used to view ants scurrying about in the sun. We’ll be sending updates as they happen… unless we’re eating something yummy… or peeing (cuz that always trumps everything).

So sit back, enjoy your 7-dollar coffee and your 5-dollar Cinnabon, put your weary feet up as we take you through three death-defying horrifying fabulous days. Be prepared to be impressed… as four bunnies caught in a carrot coma… of wonder.

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