A day away from Monday is just not far enough. It’s like radiation. Hang out with Monday and expect a rash. But on the positive side… Okay don’t rush me. I’m still thinking!

photo 2

Meeting with Partner Groups: Compassion for a lack of photosynthesis. Chrysstena shows her heart.

photo 2

And speaking of Nature: Real sunlight is perplexingly bright. You can get vitamin D from fluorescent light, right??

photo 4

Lunch Time: Bruce and Chrysstena thought lunch meant Eat The World.
Not the box guys! Jeez! It’s recycling day!


Another strategic meeting with the gang: Ann can become quite passionate don’t you think? Daxx is keeping things light.

photo 1

Caught in red tape: Oh wait… that’s not red tape. Those are ice cream tickets! No wonder they ran out Saskatchewan Mudpies!


Meetings with Clients: Daxx is wearing his bright and summery favourite shirt. Notice how the client is laughing, quite disarmed by Daxx’s charm. Are those new shoes Daxx?