A bright and sunny Wednesday morning. Wednesday comes from the Germanic god Wodin, to the north is known as Odin. (Not this north, the other north.) Here in Maple-Leaf-Land, we call it Hump Day! Yay for apathy… I mean Go Team!


Eager to get going: Daxx is hurrying to work.


Gotta stay focussed: Oh hey! A penny!

photo 4

Strategic Planning: Dreaming of a Friday, when it’s only a Wednesday.

photo Bruce-01

We lost Bruce: No… wait! We found him.

photo 2

 Reaching new heights: Or, just above their heads.


Editing changes to a document: Chrysstena looks lovely in blue.

Oh look! Future PWI members!

photo 4

Resting after a big lunch: Any office will do.

photo 3[2].edit-01

Late for a meeting: We found Bruce!

How to Grow Huge carrots


And so ends three days of fun, folic and craziness. The fort never burned down, everyone is still happy, and we never blew anything up. Life is grand as a PWI member.


This is four Work Bunnies signing off.
Thank you and have a great day.